I graduated from law school in 2008, and stepped into my profession ready to prove I could have it all. Soon after, I entered into an incredibly toxic marriage, and endured stress from the relationship and infertility challenges that brought me to my knees.

Since I walked away from that marriage, that profession, and the lifestyle that completely diminished my intuition and own personal needs, I have been in a state of unraveling & positive reinvention.

Now, I am a toddler mom, married to the most amazing partner, and living in the cutest beach town. I have been on a path of finding how meaningful work, profitable income, and health can co-exist at the same time.

But it’s not all picture perfect.

This year I started over completely, walking away from a business and brand that no longer aligned with who I am, to start over. I decided alignment mattered more than staying stuck.

I am also in the midst of doing deep trauma healing. I am overcoming chronic illness. Every day I lean into habits, routines, and health tools to keep my physical & emotional well being on the right track.

And every day it is worth it. And I have never been more sure of my path, my impact, and the income flowing in from aligned action.

So what qualifies me to help you? Maybe it’s just that I am 10 steps ahead of where you want to be, or that we have a lot in common. 

Or maybe you want to know a bit more about my credentials.

I spent a decade as a small business lawyer, helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to reality, all buttoned up and protected. I have worked in the trenches with 100’s of entrepreneurs and online business owners as a trained coach, a mentor, and a trainer.

But maybe some of the things that qualify me most to help fill the gaps of what you need to be successful is this:
  • ​I am a super busy mom, leveraging habits & routines to work smarter rather than harder
  • ​I am a mental wellness warrior, overcoming & managing anxiety almost every day of my life
  • ​I am an introvert, who never dreamed I would be putting myself out there like I do
  • ​I am a systems brain - I think in spreadsheets, routines, checklists, and that can help you
  • ​I am a mom who will fight tirelessly to uphold our family values, even in chaotic times
  • ​I have found my voice and my mission to help other moms, as Your Routine Queen
I had an intern “fire me” once she realized that I was personally passionate about health freedoms. It really had nothing to do with the work I was having her do, and she straight up ghosted me - but only after leaving me a very snarky message sharing exactly what she thought of me.

We live in a very divisive time. I get it.

It made me think how so many moms, and families, will feel even more isolated, seeking help from coaches, assistants, mentors, or interns, if they can’t be honest about why they are growing their business, or who they want to serve.

Thankfully, this scenario was put in my life to help me realize that I want to be a guide for moms / women who are committed to being proactive, controlling the controllables, and making sure they can make decisions for their families based on what is important to them, not what is cheaper or more convenient.

It turns out that standing up for your rights & freedoms is rarely the cheap or convenient path.

I am committed to designing a lifestyle business, that I can run completely online, to help us support and grow the vision we have for our family. We want to homeschool, eat healthy foods, have connection to our community, and maintain our freedom in all senses of the word.

In the crazy world we live in, there are often tough choices to be made. Developing income stream(s) that you can grow & control, regardless of an employer, or where you live, is the smart thing to do in my opinion.

After struggling to decide how I could make a difference in the world...I thought to myself:

I am good at helping women believe in themselves, and make money online.

And then I said it out loud again, and realized that this is how I will make my impact.

So now I bring my best support, trainings, and inspiration to busy, anxious, introvert, or health freedom moms everywhere, through my brand: 
Your Routine Queen.

Through my podcast, my social media content, my coaching, and my mentoring, I plan to help at least 100 moms develop an extra $2,000 a month through their online business, to fund their family values.

If you aren’t sure where you fit in, I recommend starting with the podcast, or taking this 2 question survey to get pointed in the right direction.

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What do we have in common?
Busy mom
Anxious mom
Introvert Mom
Care about health freedom
Into health & wellness
All of the above - how are we the same?
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